p Projects 2010 / 2011



Training Course about using creative methods and art for inclusion of social excluded young people from different cultural, ethnic and religious background.

The main goal of our training course “Heuristic Game“ is to offer to participants new art techniques and creative methods with the aim to improve inclusion of excluded groups of youth – young people from different cultural, religious and ethnic background. Through research participants are coming to creation of one different, unusual music, which is mixture of all cultural impacts which participants transform through more multy-interactions music and all other kinds of art in one specific and original product.

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Training course about using creative photography for social inclusion for youth with educational difficulties.

The main goal of our training course is “Photography Adventure” to improve creativity and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, which they can use in everyday work for youth with educational difficulties (lower qualified persons) including them in active local community life.

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pArt Projects of Feabrik - founders of Fabrik Art

Windy happening in Museum 2008

"Representation of all Windy projects"

Projects “Ether Wind & Moved Wind" - Feabrik again represented in Museum of Contemporary art Vojvodina on 12th Sept. 2008, Novi Sad, Serbia.

It was actually repeated projects which Feabrik will make and present in Germany on Windy Festival in August 17th (opening) & 31st (closing) festival. It was stretch with more other artist: Dejan Bogojevic with poetry performance "Secret of number 5", Dajana Jambrosic with Windy Dance performance etc.


Programme for 12th September 2008 in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, street Dunavska 21.

17h - beginning - introduction speech about Windy festival and our artwork - music and film.
18h - Opening exhibition
19h - Dejan Bogojevic - Poetry performance "Secret of Number 5"
20h - Feabrik - concert together with Dajana Jambrosic Windy Dance performance and documentary-art Film "Moved Wind"
21h - Windy costal





This project is actually worked specially for "Moved Wind" - "Windy" festival in Germany.
Feabrik will do documentary-art film and photography of all windy festival - record places and peaces of art works, all authors and also windy landscapes around those places. That documentary-art film with live playing windy music as a soundtrack for it movie - we will present on closing of Windy festival on 31st August in Korbach Splite.

Final version of film together with music is for free download.

Watch video "Moved Wind"





It was project which Feabrik done for one day.
Movie and music made by Feabrik art and music group as impression of place and atmosphere of Voehl and Synagogue in Voeh. Soundtrack was played live on concert in Synagogue of Voehl on 29 August 2008 and there was presentation of this film.

Camera: Zeljka Milosevic
Photography: Boris Radivojkov
Miontage: Zeljka Milosevic and Boris Radivojkov
Soundtrack: Feabrik
(Boris Radivojkov - keyboard, Zeljka Milosevic - harp, Milos Manic - drums)

Watch video "Music of Voehl"




pic1.jpgSound Painting

Present base Principe of all our creating - Transposing visual into music and music into visual. Graphic and experimental photographs made by Boris Radivojkov as illustration and impression of music and later make music from visual impression of this experimental graphics and photographs.

Watch video "Sound Painting"



Spiritual creating as a wind....
It presents one of 4 elements (air) in form of wind. It is actually part of our bigger project - 4 elements presented with music and visual arts. Idea was to present it as archetype element, but also as inside energy of human creation.
It makes on acoustic sound of Celtic harp, drums, vocal with synthetic and authentic timbre of keyboard and creates by transposing visual into music and then transposing to dance and then back into music - it closing circle. Used lyrics are of poetry writer Dejan Bogojevic.

Project was present on OCTOPUS - Stretch media art biennale in Belgrade on 3rd December 2007 in Student Cultural Centre and on Windy festival in Gembeck in Germany together with German dance artist Barbara Küpser on 17th August 2008.

Watch video "Ether Wind"